Pour some purity into your life.



Jeff is a powerhouse of knowledge. Unconventional since he could crawl, he was never interested in video games or football as a kid. Jeff has always loved working with his hands — whether it be creating wood or steel art, mastering the guitar, or finding some zen in stacking the perfect pile of wood, he's always on the move.

When Jeff is interested in something, he's all in. If syrup boiling were a movie, Jeff is the director — the driving force behind the process. He’s methodical, he’s innovative, and has been known to be found asleep in the sugarhouse after pulling an all nighter boiling. 


There's no doubt that Jeff gets his passion from this guy, and Bob feeds off of his energy. He spends nearly all of his free time working on creative building projects, and like many creatives, his passion can sometimes be mistaken for a bit of obsession.

Bob is the researcher of the operation; always making sure the farm has the most up-to-date equipment. He also knows the Newton woods better than anyone and loves identifying the best trees to tap. Bob's heart is in the woods, and seeing the finished product of his trees is the greatest reward.


Grandpa Jim is the spirit of Newton’s Maple Farm. He grew up on the other side of the hill and has been coming back to these woods his whole life. He enjoys hunting, feeding the fish in the pond, and riding his four-wheeler around the woods.

He’s less about production, and rather the perfect dose of moral support. He’s a first class storyteller and can always be counted on to offer cocktails by 5:01 PM. He finds joy in the marketing side of the syrup, and gets a kick out of bonding over such a thing with his son and grandson. He’s old school but willing to learn, and is always sure to help keep the stove stocked with wood.

A young boy's curiosity \\\\

Harvested in the heart of Western New York.

Supper tonight is breakfast! Eggs, waffles, bacon, and this precious syrup is a WIN!

Erelene H